Thursday, 7 May 2009

Film poster

This is an early prototype picture for my film poster. It is intended to blend with a dark background and will be much larger and possibly the main image of my film poster. I will crop the picture so as little of the shoulders and neck are showing to create a realistic effect. 

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Film Poster

My own film poster is ment to be quite dark making it suitable for the target audience. The poster itself will be centered around the key image of a Triumph TR7 with a close up of Mark Wahlburg fading into the background and John Malkovich in a longshot blending in with the background. The main titles will stand out boldly against the darkened background away from the top right hand corner and and the significance of the dierctor will appear on the along the top of the poster with a credit block in the centre at the bottom.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Understanding Film Posters

There are several features of a typical film poster such as the film's title being bold and eye-catching. The title is also intended to work with the poster's main picture so that working together they will be able to sum up roughly what the film is about in around 5 seconds. This is crucial as it will decide who will go and see the film and who won't.
Film posters later on in production will also contain a credit block and a certain release date and maybe also an age rating.
They are designed due to the effect they will have upon their target audience. E.g. a slick crime thriller is unlikely to have bright colourful pictures on it. 
 If a film has famous actors or crew members involved in making the film their names may be on the poster in bold font, although not as bold as the film's main title and they shouldn't overshadow the main picture. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Film Posters

This poster of the James Bond film Goldfinger is relatively simple however it puts the message of the film, and the rest of the series, across and due to its prequels' success doesn't really need an introduction.
This poster of Kill Bill Vol.2 shows one of the film's main props, a katana, and a note or death list as shown. The note and sword also show that this is a film of revenge and/or violence.

I think that this is a good poster of this film as it contains the sort of anarchy and destruction shown in the film itself as well as standing out well.

Target Audience

The target audience for my film is mainly for adults and older teenagers. Similar films to this are The Departed, The Godfather and Scarface. My film should appeal to the target audience due to the content (e.g violence) involved within

Thursday, 15 January 2009


My pitch about my own idea for a film Molotovian Nightmares: 

 The film follows the life of a man known only as 'Jack', a former cop who after the brutal murder of his family, is reduced to a life of drink. After accidentally murdering a Russian mobster he is forced to infiltrate the mob in order to stay under their spotlight while they hunt for the killer.
Now, picture this: The Departed meets Scarface as 'Jack' is discovered and is forced into a fight to the death as he flees across the city bringing down as many Russians as he can.
Exciting action, horrifying torture scenes and thrilling car chases will make Molotovian Nightmares a smash at the box office.
There are several actors willing to play the role of 'Jack' such as Mark Wahlburg and Matt Damon capable of portraying 'Jack's' dark and haunted character.
The old revenge/gangster films have been popular recently with films like Max Payne and The Departed ruling at the top of the box office, Molotovian Nightmares is set to be a smash hit.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Today we looked at loglines. Loglines are one or two sentences that briefly summarise a film.

My own logline is: In 1970's New York an ex-cop is absorbed into a life of organised crime after the murder of his family.

This idea has been influenced by classic crime movies such as The Godfather or Scarface.